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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Bring on the bling with frillie and funkie

Hi, not sure if you remember me but I'm  Tracey... the fibro has been kicking my butt, and my fingers and my... well... Everthing for just over a month now. I've been struggling to make sure I do for my kids and work which hasn't left me much me to craft with ;)  Dr has signed me off for a week as I realised I was pushing myself towards  much bigger flare if I didnt pay attention to the warning signs.  I'm not gonna waffle on About this anymore on this post but I am gonna shAre some research and tips soon.

I am popping on as I have made a card using a fabbo Flonzcraft stamp I chose from my lucky win over at Frillie and Funkie (which btw becomes fillies and flunkies.if you don't keep an eye on that auto correct chaos causer !!!!) I just love this stamp I have sooooooo many ideas for this but as their challenge this week is "bring on the bling"  I just had to turn it into a tree that grows gem leaves... now wouldn't that solve some problems ;)

The idea for the shaped cArd was from the Stretch your dies online class. This idea was by Debbie Hughes

I used lots of mica boss to.hold the distress glitter on the sides, I used x cut border dies also covered in distress glitter to form the flowers at the bottoms.  I stamped the gorgeous stamp twice and fussy cut some to the larger leaves which I then embossed and embossed and embossed which gave them a lovely rounded look.  A final sprinkling of gems, a sentiment  and voila.  The  Flonzcraft stamps are just absolutely awesome they give a really good finish and I can't wait to play with them again.  The challenge is always have a really cool thing so definitely worth checking out

I wrote this bit after the bit that follows... really if you are sane you should just mosey over to Frillie and Funkie Right now … Still here , you really gonna carry on... I need you to remember Dr two things, I warned
You, and I take lots of meds... oh and my kids will find this so funny and as I can't seem to copy to paste it elsewhere, and the FF deadline in about 4hours it following has to stay...
I was sitting here and   I was struggling with my silly old fingers hitting all the wrong keys when something popped up, after some faffin I realised it was my kindle writing what I say!!!!  Now we have some teamwork to work on , and she really needs to get my accent but will get there and morphing the Sampha crafting. What the heck ... I am using the voicey thing and thought it was going really well, although I sound and feel like an eejit taking to a comp although morphing is Sampha could be fun... anyone tried it.. heard of it... I'm a little scared to Google it!!! Anyway the next bit was me getting all OMG thank you God what is this finger saver thingumy.
 Oh my god I'm so excited I've just realised that I can talk to my Kindle and she will write what I'm saying it doesn't seem to be working again but she's back I am going to have to learn how to use this properly I think it being excited doesn't help that was me getting excited definitely worth looking into oh my god how much pain for save my fingers is just unbelievable that last sentence means I definitely need to go play with it more learn to talk slowly probably enough for dollar voice and I would usually you and what about, punctuation! Well it do that for me yes you can X exclamation exclamation you happy loll LOL you have to say! All you just have to you get exclamation I'll stop now va-t-en this is me trying to get it to do a paragraph

 You say new paragraph he he he he ha ha it doesn't it after very well

 If you hang on in here until the bottom delete delete if you have to actually delete last word now

 So if you're still reading this you are Batier than I am please add me or send me your blog details cause we could be friends ;)

 See you all later


Tracy with any not any E but the problem is it hasn't got any I wanted to have any not any unwanted to have any wanted to have one E in my name Tracy Kendall girl no Kindle

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