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Thursday 26 March 2015

Stretch your dies, Online Card Class

I love these classes, not just because of all the fun techniques and entertaining instructors but because they help me work out what products would enhance my already too large collection.... and yes I have placed an order since class finished.... but air need them lol.

This is gonna be a long post as I am gonna do a kind of round up of the things the class inspired me to create as I just haven't been well enough to play and blog daily.

DAY 1 - Word dies
On the edge with the awesomely funny Lauren,  I fell in lurve with this idea and made lots, and then I moved on from words to.shapes but with the same idea, I just adore those little zipper gift cards :)


DAY 2 -flowers dies and DAY 3- basic shapes.

I don't have,well didn't have but will soon, any of these types of dies.  I have floral strips but they wouldn't work for these techniques.  Oh I am looking forward to the positive bringing them!!!

DAY 4 - Mini Dies

Word and mini combined

I only have mini hearts so have ordered some stars and will be looking out for some bargain littlies from now on!

Enhancing a pattern

Such a cool idea to personalise gorgeous pattern paper without looking the... well pattern

DAY 5 - Coordinating stamps and dies

I had a set that I loved but had never made anything with, I just couldn't get a card to come together... well I just got carried away with one of the lessons making lovely backing papers... this is just a selection, honestly I couldn't stop myself lol and... one card!!!

Stamping a window

This is such an elegant way to use these sets I think

DAY 6 - Border Dies

shape cards

Yukon posted this one before but I just had to pop it in with its peers ;)

Inlay borders

I loved jigsaw puzzles as a kid so this is right up my street.

DAY 7 was alphabet dies but I got frustrated with my twitchy fingers and those fiddly little dies so am saving that along with many other ideas for other days.  These classes are such great value for money and with a lifetime of being able to look back what's not to love.


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