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Thursday 15 May 2014

Fibro is what happens while you're busy making plans

So for day 2 of my new fibro forced journey into blogdom I had wanted to complete and share some pics of card Im making for my sister-in-law using The CC3C distress glitter technique... however my fingers and brain are not co-operating today.

The hardest thing I had to come to terms with regarding this illness was learning when to just say OK today I need to change my plans or just allow myself to rest.  Pre Fibro I had been an energetic likes to plan things always on the go person, my bestie Jayne would often hum the Benny Hill chase song as she watched me do my thing.  These days I think it is very kind of her not to hum The last of the summer wine tune or on really bad days the Funeral Dirge!

I now live my life by the day, by the fibro funnies I am experiencing and what my children have on and what that requires of me.  My youngest is 12 eldest 18,  I am so grateful they were not littlies when fibro got me.  To all you parents out there coping with babies and littlies and an illness, gentle hugs and my sincere admiration. I have been ill for 3 years and it is very difficult to accept a body with limitations. I still have days when I feel good so go against the advice of taking it easy and not overdoing it and instead just enjoy doing things I sometimes cant. This can lead to a worse day the next day but sometimes even if I take it easy on a good day a bad day will follow anyway. How do you approach good days?

Today my fingers are stiff and swollen, so no craft knives and precious glitter and flakes out today, but that is why I have Craft Artist and Crochet Hooks and will save this blog often and take as long as I need to complete my roving writing.

A friend I met on a pain management course told me that using ice packs on your hands or running them under cold water relieves the swelling and some of the pain, it was the opposite of the heat that I felt my hands needed and does indeed help.  If you are reading this and have some tips of your own for dealing with this symptom please share, although my GP is awesome and a very compassionate lady most of the help and advice she passes onto me comes from other patients of hers with this or similar illnesses.  It is not a fully understood illness but by sharing our experiences and tips for living through this we can help each other and hopefully move things closer and closer to a cure.

My Heels are also playing up today, it  feels as though I am walking on spikes,  so no shopping or running around (as if lol)  but that is why I have comfy slippers and the Game of Thrones on Demand and on my beloved Kindle!  The first book, A song of Fire and Ice is only £2.99 a real bargain and I love loosing myself in the world George Martin has created.

So enough for now, after school  I'm off to watch my youngest run the 800m against a boy in the year above. They had all ran the 800m in their year groups earlier this term and the PE teacher told his class my girl had beaten all their times; should she really have done this, my daughter trains with our local club 4 times a week but bet she didn't share this info with them, anyway the uninformed lad issued a challenge and the race happens tonight.  My daughter has allowed me to come and watch providing

  1. I watch outside the fence, 
  2. Do NOT shout and cheer
  3. Get back in the car to wait for her after the race... 
I am promising nothing other than the waiting bit,  my feet may hurt but my lungs work just fine ;)

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