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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Go fourth and make your own!

It's a crazy half term at the Mallaghan Household.  I am getting a new bath and tiles installed, yippee! there is mess and I only have one loo in my house Boooo!

I picked some gorgeous tiles, a lovely pastel patchwork design, worked out the cost and by trading in tesco vouchers they were affordable, yippee! However, a quick trip to the shop to order them and instead of tiles I got disappointment;  the price I'd worked on was for the plain white tile in this collection, the pretty patterened tiles are £10 for 4 tiles! well out of my price range boo :(
The tiles I would love *sigh*
We trailed around all the tile shops in my area but couldn't find anything I wanted, I don't know about you but once I see something I lurve it is very difficult to want to use something that just doesn't make you feel as warm and fuzzy.

Back home and after a nice cuppa and a small sulk my wonderful mum convinced me that if I wanted patchwork tiles then I am capable of making them myself, No way says me, yes way says Mum, well it is the only way I can have them says me, Lets look online for masks says Mum.  Another cuppa and some browsing on the wonderweb and I have ordered some fab Creative Expressions that special touch of masks, some Martha Stewart paints and more Tea

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