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Sunday 1 June 2014

Tile be or not tile be...

So I stenciled my tiles, we worked on them all day Thursday, it was not as easy as I thought having only stenciled with distress inks before.  I loved the masks I chose from Creative Expressions "That special touch of" collection, I went with a Steampunk theme, not very bathroomy or like the patchwork design that inspired me, I thought my Son would appreciate a room that was a little less girly tho!

It was difficult to pick paint colours as I had to order them online, none of the shops in my area sold the brand I was looking for.  I was a little disappointed with some of the colours and their compatibility but I mixed a few together and was happyish. It took me about 2 hours of practicing until I started to get impressions I was happy with, and there were still many more that I fudged after the first.  All in all I think I washed more paint down my sink than I used on tiles.

However we persevered and completed the 30 tiles I needed to make a large rectangle above the bath and a few to scatter over he sink and loo as a splash-back, the other tiles were to be plain white.
A selection of my stenciled tiles

I say were to have been as am slightly disappointed to say we have not used them :( They were just not permanent enough, even tho we oven baked them, this is why I haven't mentioned the brand I used or added a linky as it is totally possible it was user error lol. They needed to withstand everyday use as well as grouting and the scrubbing needed to remove the excess, I left one in the sink overnight splashed with water, in the morning we gave it a scrub.... and the hard won image washed started to wash away.  Ah well., I am now looking for a lovely old table for the garden that is just screaming for a Mosaic tile remodel.  My bathroom is now going to be a modern fresh room with white brick shaped tiles and black, red, blue and lime green tiles randomly thrown in.

My children are very happy there is still a room free from my crafty carry-on, little do they know  I have plans for the bathroom cabinet!

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