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Saturday 7 June 2014

One Direction!!

Am off to see 1D with my daughters tomorrow So am spending the day "chillin out maxin, relaxin all cool" to give me the best shot at the Fibro Funnies being minimal tomorrow.  It doesn't always work but if I have a hectic day I know I will pay for it as I will be on Monday.

There are a lot of things we can't do as a family since I,we, became a Fibrofighter so even tho I know I will have to out stubborn the illness tomorrow, that me and mine will pay for it a day or so after, we all agree there are just some experiences that are totally worth it, memories that we all want to share and have forever and a gig or two a year is top of our list.

Are there things you all still refuse to give up even tho you know it maybe going against what the Fibro demands?

So wish me luck, wishing you all a fun but not fibrofunny weekend :)

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