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Saturday 21 June 2014

OMG - I always love Altered Eclectics but now I Adore them, Thanks for picking me as you May winner x

Have been running in circles and whooping at my very bemused daughter :)

OMG, I cannot believe it, thanks so much to Elaine and the design team at Altered Eclectics for awarding me the honor of winning the may challenge.  This has given me such a boost as there were just so many wonderful challenges I didnt expect it for a sec.  I entered the altered chest of drawers I made for my Daughter just for fun and to start participating with the crafty community rather than just peeking in the window.

AM absolutely buzzing :)

If you are a secret crafter I really hope you will start sharing you crafty creations, not just because I am on cloud 9 at the recognition from Elaine, who is a really talented lady, and her awesome design team but because I have been chatting to and getting inspired by many people I would not have met if I had stayed in the crafty shadows ;)

Thanks again Elaine x

1 comment:

  1. This looks fabulous and a lot of fun to make. Congrats on your first win. Well deserved.
    Julie x


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