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Saturday 7 June 2014

Hidden Slot Moneyboxes using Crafter's Companions Sweet Treats Board

Crafter's Companions June challenge is Tags, Bags and Boxes, more information can be found on their Facebook page.

I love using CCs boards to make cards, envelopes and for embossing but most of all for making bags and boxes so I was really chuffed to see this months challenge.  My daughters had asked me to make them piggy banks a while ago, I had popped the request in my crafty cranium box to let it ponder over how I wanted to craft them.  I had been thinking clay but then I saw the challenge and....
Voila, two bespoke money boxes ;)
I used the Crafter's Companion "Sweet Treats" embossing board.  This is one of my absolute favourite boards, they work perfectly every time, after a practice or two ;).  I made the boxes in the usual way, it couldn't be easier thank to the boards, but cut a slot on one side of the roof big enough to pop money in.

I do love that ring
I scored and cut out 14 roof tiles, 7 per side. and coated them in clear embossing powder to give them some extra durability as they will be rifled thru put money in I hope.  I have attached the roof using only double sided tape, I would normally use wet glue too but this way when the boxes are full I can use a craft knife to get the girls their pennies, without ruining the boxes entirely.

Two different style money boxes for two awesome and different girls 
It is easy with the Crafter's Companion boards to get the basics perfect giving you free reign with creativity, I think both boxes look really different and reflect my Daughters' personalities, they LOVE them :)

I hope you like them, any questions please feel free to ask, if you are wondering about the boards I totally recommend them as I said it takes away all the tricky measuring bits and leaves you free to create and play.

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