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Monday 19 January 2015

well colour me Flonzcraft vintage....

And cover me in pearls, that love random selector thingumy over at the Flonzcraft Vintage challenge picked little ole me as the winner.

<a target="Challenge" href=""><img title="Vintage Stamping Challenges" src="" alt="Vintage Stamping Challenges" style='width: 100%; max-width: 200px; border: 0; background-color: inherit; box-shadow: none;'/></a>
I would have posted sooner but it took a long time to browse through and narrow down the stamps I was lucky to be able to select with my prize!!!!!
Between you and me I added a little chaching myself because stress does nobody any good and those little guys were just telling me they needed to come to mine for a play date;)

Thank you very much Flonzcraft

Yours, postman stalking


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