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Saturday 31 January 2015

playing with embossing powders, OCSCC

Argh I have the Lurgi, as you fibromyagony girls know getting a cold can knock you for six, ah well it could be worse.

I have had the lovely classes to keep me thinking although to be honest I really haven't felt much like playing, sleep just seems oh soooooo appealing.

I did have a go, over several days, of playing with masking and embossing as demoed by Jennifer.  Oh I got in a right mess!!!!
I finally called it a day at this card

There was nothing clean about my first two... that I was prepared to take photos of ;) attempts

I do love this technique and will try it again, things I learned:
 start with the lightest colour powder;
 Washy tape is not a good alternative;
 wait for your stamping to dry and 
soft tissues really do make a difference.... atchoo!!


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